How Can Fashion Create A Better Relationship with Africa?
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Miss Angola crowned Miss Universe!!!
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this poster was from the 2009 NY Fashion Night Out— but it’s classic.
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I LOVE, I mean LOVE Kevin Stewart, Full stop.
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Check out this amazing & Incredibly refreshing blog!! I Am: The Nu Black- Redefining Black Culture Through the Work of Contemporary Creatives 
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weeerrrk, Geneva.


Please Vote for Me
I have entered 365 Hangers “Style a Shape” Contest.
I am one of the few natural haired, dark skinned, full figured entries and it would really mean a lot to me if you would support by voting for me and reblog if you can.
I am just trying to break the mold and be an inspiration.
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yess! perfection. ( I see you Benjamin brothers: Keith, Aaron & Corey & Mr. Kokuma up in front!)
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ummm, anyone else wondering when Beyonce turned into a white woman? The photos are great and the fashion is flawless, but, the overexposed effect is making her look like Paris Hilton and when I first glimpsed these photos, I couldn’t believe it was Beyonce. Do better B.
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Just saw Savage Beauty the  Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met this past weekend. It was exhilarating, beautiful and harrowing all at once. A true artistic genius. Check out these amazing runway shows, my favorite is La Poupee and Kate Moss in Widows of Culloden.
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Sao Paulo fashionweek Cavalera spring 2012

Samira Carvalho
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